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This secondary school was established in 1965 and is situated adjacent to the Arya Bhawan (Headquarters of the Sabha), Champ de Mars, Port Louis. It started offering HSC classes in 2001. It may be classified as an average performing school with a few who excelled in certain fields. The last outstanding performance was a former DAV student ranking 1st in one of the modules of ACCA. As of date some 850 pupils are attending forms one to six and the curriculum encompasses science, information and communication technology, management studies, arts, Home Economics, pre-vocational training, etc. Special attention is also given to citizenship education through extra-curricular activities. This college would be running classes only up to Form V as from 2006.

A Manager and a Principal manages the day-to-day running of this institution and reports to the Private Secondary Schools Authority and the management of the Sabha. Under the revised education system this school would be a junior secondary school catering for the educational needs of pupils up to form five classes. Classes for technical subjects started in January 2005 with the laboratory under commissioning stage. The Sabha has invested substantial resources in the infrastructure to create an environment conducive to learning and to assist in the overall development of the students.


D.A.V College (Port Louis) – In Action

March - April 2015


The Independence Day Ceremony



The DAV College celebrated the 45th Independence Day of Mauritius as one of its yearly extracurricular activities on 11th March. His lordship the Mayor of Port-Louis, Mr. Jenito Seedoo, who was also an ex-student of DAV College, was invited as Guest of Honour on this occasion. The President of the Arya Sabha Mauritius, Dr. O.N. Gangoo was invited as Special Guest. The official ceremony started with the Flag Raising, followed by the National Anthem chanted by all the students. The Prime Minister’s Message was read by the Guest of Honour. In the course of his speech he also evoked some reminiscences of his student days at the DAV College, and motivated the students to work harder as only hard work and perseverance can lead them to success in life. The ceremony concluded with a cultural programme presented by the students.


Annual Sports Day March 2015


We celebrated Our Annual Sports Day on 30th April 2015 at the Germain Comarmond stadium. The activity was a great success with the entire college having participated fully at different levels of athletic competitions. It was a grand setting that started with a couple of musical items followed by a series of field and track events. The Rector of the college, Mr. Moher, welcomed everybody in his opening speech. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Muttarooa Vikramsing, Systems and Database Administrator at the Police IT Unit and an Ex Student of DAV College. He addressed the gathering and he encouraged all the participants to do their best in all events and congratulated the winners, in fact it was a hectic day as there was intense competition among the different houses in all the activities and games which ended to the satisfaction of one and all.

 Student of D.A.V College – International Athlete


 It is indeed a great pride for our college to have a student who has attained International Fame as an athlete by winning gold medals in some competitions. Such is the case of Parmanand Mudhoo, a student of Lower VI who participated in Sports at National Level and has won a gold medal and a trophy in a 100 meter-race at the Bambous Stadium.

After the sprint competition, he has been selected to represent Mauritius in an International Sports Competition that will be held in June 2015 at the Reunion Island.

Parmanand Mudhoo informed us that he started his journey in the world of sports at the age of 11 after realising how much love he had for athletics. In order to consolidate his sports career, he started taking part in many local sports competitions. The most interesting thing about him is that he is a self-trained athlete. He got his aspirations from his elder brother who has been his only mentor and the only person to inspire and create confidence in him throughout many years.

The D.A.V College has high expectations of Parmanand winning more gold medals at International Level and wish him best of luck in the upcoming competitions.


PTA Meeting 2015

A meeting of the Parent-Teacher’s Association was recently held at the DAV College where all the activities carried out by the PTA in the year 2014 were highlighted. The Rector, in his welcome address informed the parents about the initiatives taken by the college for some years, and that positive outcome in terms of excellent results at SC and HSC Exams were being reaped by them and that was indeed an unprecedented success in the annals of the DAV College. He informed the parents that this had been made possible through a systematic hard work and the implementation of several pedagogical strategies. The challenge remains constant and the hard work is not going to stop.

In addition, the treasurer of the PTA, Mr. Yasheel Rughoonath presented the statement of accounts, thereby explaining how the PTA Fund had been used and informed the members about the future plan of activities that were in the pipeline. He assured the parents that the PTA was doing an excellent job in terms of raising maximum funds, which were being greatly useful in the achievement of several projects of the college.

DAV College Visits the Gayasingh Ashram



The College organised a visit to the Gayasingh Ashram recently to donate food to the elderly people and the orphans who are the inmates. This was one of our social activities for this year. This activity was organised by the students of SC and some members of the Teaching Staff in collaboration with the Rector and the Deputy Rector of the college. The Students and the Teachers prepared the food that was served to all the people of the Ashram. A series of activities, such as, a magic show, songs and dance were presented by the students and staff of the DAV College to entertain the inmates. 

 D.A.V Celebrates the English Day

     The English Language is perhaps the only language that is used in almost every country of the world, be it as a first or as a second language. It is the only language that possesses a unique position in being a world language in all activities where a means of communication is needed. This being the case, it is impossible to disregard its importance. Language must be made ever accessible and understood by all. Attempts are always on from all sides to keep the flame burning, one among which is to celebrate the ‘English Language Day’.

The English Language Day has a purpose that cannot be ignored or denied. It aims at creating awareness among students and the general public about the importance of knowing this language even in its most elementary form. It also tends to encourage people to learn the language even in the least formal way in order to promote its usage in all possible ways.

The English culture is well known for its Victorian life style, a way of living whereby mannerism and personality development is given common importance. The beauty of this culture speaks out for itself through the English Language. We have also witnessed the beauty of this Language through its powerful Literature where words have been so carefully used to make it very appealing. Many people following the great works of literature of William Shakespeare, love the Language even more than the person revered so much by many lovers of the English Literary Works. It is good to note that the International English Language Day also commemorates the birthday of Sir William Shakespeare, which falls on 23rd April.     

It has been made a very common tradition for schools and colleges, D.A.V College being one, to celebrate the English Language Day so as to ensure that our students remain conscious about the position of this language in the world. Students are encouraged to communicate in English on that day and a series of activities are organised in which they are invited to participate in order to promote the English Language. Activities such as ‘English Songs’, ‘Reading Aloud’ contest, ‘Poetry’recitation, ‘Quiz Competition’ ‘Spelling Bee’, ‘Tongue Twisters’ and ‘Dramas’ are organised and all participants are rewarded with prizes and tokens for their efforts. Mr. Amal Ghoorah, son of late Dr. H.Ghoorah, sponsored the prizes awarded.

Such activities were organised very recently in the month of April to commemorate the English Language Day. It was a tremendous success with students of all classes having participated in different activities organised by the English Department. The Rector and the Deputy Rector of the college were greatly committed to make the English Language Day a great success at the college. Appropriate addresses were delivered by Mrs Domah, the Deputy Rector and Ms Seerickissen, the English Language Teacher on this occasion. That was then followed by a series of relevant activities.


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