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This secondary school was established in 1965 and is situated adjacent to the Arya Bhawan (Headquarters of the Sabha), Champ de Mars, Port Louis. It started offering HSC classes in 2001. It may be classified as an average performing school with a few who excelled in certain fields. The last outstanding performance was a former DAV student ranking 1st in one of the modules of ACCA. As of date some 850 pupils are attending forms one to six and the curriculum encompasses science, information and communication technology, management studies, arts, Home Economics, pre-vocational training, etc. Special attention is also given to citizenship education through extra-curricular activities. This college would be running classes only up to Form V as from 2006.

A Manager and a Principal manages the day-to-day running of this institution and reports to the Private Secondary Schools Authority and the management of the Sabha. Under the revised education system this school would be a junior secondary school catering for the educational needs of pupils up to form five classes. Classes for technical subjects started in January 2005 with the laboratory under commissioning stage. The Sabha has invested substantial resources in the infrastructure to create an environment conducive to learning and to assist in the overall development of the students.


D.A.V College (Port Louis) - News Update

Educational Tour

30th May 2014

The Arts Department of DAV College organised an Educational Tour for the Arts Teachers and Students of Form V, Lower and Upper VI. The department visited an exhibition at the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) and then preceded their tour to the Vallée des Couleurs at Chamouny to visit the coloured earth.


Mural Painting and Tree Planting at the Enterprise Mauritius Ltd

3rd, 4th and 5th June 2014

The DAV College was invited to attend a Mural Painting and Tree Planting activity sponsored by the Enterprise Mauritius Ltd at Vallée des Prêtres. These two activities were organised to celebrate the World Environment Day.  Members of the DAV Environment Club and Arts Department were the key participants of these two activities. The Mural Painting took place on the 3rd and 4th June and the Tree Planting activity on 5th June.


Mural Painting at DAV College

13th June 2014

A Mural Painting was organised by the Arts Department of the college under the supervision of Mrs. M. N. Etwaroo and Mr. R. Jankee, both teachers of DAV College.  The students of Lower VI participated in this exercise.  The Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare sponsored this activity.


World English Day

13th June

The English Department of the college organised a series of activities to celebrate the World English Day. The activities took place in the Hall of Arya Sabha Mauritius.  Students of different classes presented a series of shows such as sketch, Elocution, Poetry & Spelling Bee, Tongue Twisters, Quiz and a couple of English songs sang by the students of forms 3 and 4. The Arts Department took care of the background set up of the stage.  


Prize Giving Day

20th June 2014

The college organised a Prize Giving Day with the active participation of all students and teachers.  The students of different classes presented a series of shows and prizes were awarded to students who performed excellently in the third term Exams held last year in October 2013.  The president of the Arya Sabha Mauritius Mr Balchand Tanacoor was invited as special guest. In his speech he thanked the Rector, the staff and the students for the good work done throughout the year with the support of the parents and the Arya Sabha Mauritius.

He also expressed his appreciation for the activities organised in connection with the Prize Giving Day with the active participation of the students and the staff.

He further congratulated all the successful students and the prize-winners and exhorted those students whose performance was poor to work harder so that they might catch up and succeed in their examination this year.

In the end he encouraged everybody to work still harder and raise the level of performance of the school.  Being in real earnest he wished that in the coming year there might be laureates at the HSC Exams among the Form VI students of this school as DAV College of Morcellement has set the ball rolling.


Completion of the Tyre Project

24th June 2014

The college successfully completed the tyre project competition which was organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The competition started in October 2013 and went on for almost six months. The Environment Club and the Arts Department were the key participants.


World Art Day

25th June 2014

The Arts Department took part in a workshop which was organised by the AAC (Action for Artistic Creativity) on the occasion of World Art Day. The workshop was held in the hall of Arya Sabha Mauritius in collaboration with the City College and Islamic College under the Supervision and Guidance of Mr Dev Chooramun, President AAC/ACA and Regional Coordinator for Africa IAA/AIAP (UNESCO). Six local renowned artists conducted the workshop in which there were an exhibition of the artists’ artworks, books, catalogues, discussions, demonstration and talks on the art theory.



D.A.V College (Port Louis) – In Action
D.A.V Prevoc Students attend Exhibition at MITD
As was informed in the previous News Update of the college, the series of art and craft projects which the students of prevocational stream have been working on since May 2014, were finally exhibited at the MITD, Cassis branch. The Exhibition took place on 11th September where the different objects of decoration were displayed for viewing by several other participants from other colleges. The Manager of MITD, Mrs. Beatrice Duval, highly praised the work of our students thereby commenting that these were one of the most remarkable collections she has seen during the exhibition activity. The teachers of Prevoc stream deserve special thanks and appreciation as they have worked hard with the students to make this project a success at national level. Most special thanks go to Mr. P. Buhorah, Mr. M. Mogun Mrs. V. Rajroop, Mrs. A. Nowbuth, Miss M. Ramdany and Miss. S. Kesso, teachers of Prevoc stream, for their devoted assistance in this project.  
D.A.V College visit to Gayasingh Ashram
The students of SC organised a visit to the Gayasingh Ashram with the help of Mrs. Deepchand Haymawantee and Miss Anishta Khugputh - teachers at the college with an aim to benevolently offer meals to the residents of the Ashram. The activity was organised on 18th September whereby the students of School Certificate visited the Residents of the Ashram and served them a Lunch meal which the students had paid for after collecting money among themselves. After serving the meals, the students visited every ward of the Ashram where they fed the bed-ridden residents who were unable to come for lunch in the main lounge. The students devoted a lot of time with the residents, talking and listening to what they had to relate about themselves. They also animated a short singing and dancing activity in which the Residents happily took part. The Rector, Mr. Moher and the Deputy Rector, Mrs. Domah equally participated in this noble activity. They were very kind in providing full support in making this activity a success.       
Fundraising Activity – A remarkable success
The College informed all stakeholders in its previous news update that a fundraising activity was organised by the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) with a view to raise funds to be used for different future projects. This fundraising was split into two main activities – a Tombola and a Food Day. In the Tombola, a student of the college won the ‘Corbeille Ménagère’ following the lucky draw and many other students who sold maximum tickets were rewarded with gifts to thank them for their hard work and commitment. The second part of the fundraising, that is, the food day, was carried out on 12th September. This activity was remarkably animated by all teachers and students. A large variety of foods and drinks were prepared and sold among the Managing staff, teaching and non-teaching staff and students. Both fundraisings have been a remarkable success in terms of the funds that were collected.
The teachers of the college also made a separate contribution in the fundraising.  A lucky draw was also carried for teachers only and Mr. Ramdaursingh came out the lucky winner of a cash prize. However, Mr. Ramdaursingh benevolently gifted back the cash prize to the PTA. Such a rare and selfless act deserves upmost appreciation. The Management and PTA members expressed their most sincere gratitude to him.
Special Yaj for SC and HSC Students before the Cambridge Exams
The management of D.A.V College organised a special “Saraswati Yaj” for the SC and HSC students who will take part in the Cambridge Exams this year. This Yaj was performed by Pt. Shri Yaswantlall Chooroomony on 19th September with the aim of receiving the divine blessings of the Almighty for success in Exams.  The students will take part in the Cambridge Examination from 24th September to 23rd November. The College will also be having its internal Exams from 7th to 31st October.
The Rector and Deputy Rector of the college took opportunity to give last minute advice to the students. They also received their Time Table on that day.
All students and Teaching Staffs will soon be on summer holidays for a period of two months – November and December. The resumption of studies for the new academic year is intended to be around 12th January 2015. 
D.A.V College (Port Louis) – In Action
January – February 2015
Start of the new Academic Year 2015
The D.A.V College has started its new Academic Year 2015 on 9th January with an admission day held to admit the new intakes of students in Form I and prevocational classes. The number of new intakes totals to 120 students approximately. However, late admissions are still taking place and it is expected that the final intake might reach up to 150 students by end of February. There was a delay in the normal start of the academic activities due to cyclonic weather conditions which resulted in Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th being declared holiday at national level. The College took up with its normal activities on Thursday 15th January.   
50th Anniversary of the D.A.V College
The year 2015 will be marked as a very special year for the College as it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. A couple of activities have been planned to celebrate this occasion including the launching of a College Magazine. All teaching, non-teaching staff and students have been invited to support the organisation of this Anniversary so as to make it a remarkable success.
D.A.V Port Louis, SC results 2014: ON THE RISE – 75%
D.A.V College Port Louis has recorded a very good set of 2014 SC results. The overall percentage pass is 75%. A perfect score of 100% has been achieved by a majority of departments, namely: Arts & Design, Chemistry, Design & Communication, Fashion & Fabrics, Food & Nutrition, Hindi, Hindi Lit, Hinduism and Physics. Moreover, the English and French departments have come up with remarkable outcomes of the SC results: English: 97% with 17 credits; French: 94% with 28 credits, including 7 distinctions. Of the 3 students who sat for Hindi Literature, 2 got distinctions ‘ONE’ and the third distinction ‘TWO’.
It is a true reflection of the hard work and the dedication of both our staff and students and also the strong support we are given by the top management.
HSC Results - An even more remarkable success 88.3%
While the College was already on a thrilling mood with the outstanding SC results, it got to cherish added joy with the declaration of the HSC results which showed up with a percentage pass of 88.3%. Such a success among the HSC results has been experienced for the first time in the history of D.A.V College. We are the second best among the private colleges situated in zone 1 and we have been ranked 25th position among 209 colleges that participated in the HSC Exams in year 2014.
Star colleges always come up with very good passing rates and some even with Laureates. But this does not leave any surprising feeling as those students are already elites. However, when a College packed with slow learners brings up such amazing results, its gives a sense of extreme happiness and positive pride. It is the kind of feeling that the College has experienced this year.
Indeed, it is the hard work of our teaching staff and the management that has made such an achievement possible. We want to keep that same working spirit at D.A.V College and we want to ensure that the college comes up with even more excellent results in coming years.     






February - March 2015
Cross Country
The D.A.V College organised a major sports activity commonly known as the ‘Cross Country’ on 6th February. The activity took place at ‘Le Dauguet’ sports track whereby students had to run along a certain planned distance depending on their age category. The competition started at 8.30a.m and ended at 11.00a.m. The whole college – the management, teaching and non-teaching staff, all took part in this activity. Among the participating students, 80 won medals ranging from bronze, silver and gold and 8 students also won a shield each for outstanding performance. The Cross Country became a wonderful success thanks to the cooperation of all staff members and the management.   
The Rishi Bodh Festival
The Hindi and Hinduism department of the college organised the Rishi Bodh Festival in the context of the Mahashivaratri. The Festival was held on 12th February in the Hall of Arya Sabha Mauritius. The master of ceremony, Mr. Akhilesh Jodhun opened the ceremony by welcoming the students and then explained in brief, the purpose of the Rishi Bodh Divas. The Manager of the college Mr. Woodun, The Rector Mr. Moher, Deputy Rector Mrs. Domah, The Deputy Rector of D.A.V North Mrs. Boolauky and one representative of Arya Sabha Mauritius Dr. O.N Gangoo were all invited to attend this ceremony. Each of these personalities addressed their speech to the students thereby highlighting on the connection of the Arya Samaj with the Rishi Bodh.
A Yaj was also performed on this occasion by one Arya Sabha Priest in which the students of D.A.V College took part. A song on Swami Dayanand and a speech of his early life was presented by the students of the college which then followed by a recitation of the ten principles of the Arya Samaj, formulated by Swami Dayanand.
A flyer with a short brief on Swami Dayanand’s life history was also distributed to all the young participants with a purpose to keep everyone well informed on Swami Dayanand and the Arya Samaj.
Prasad, which was prepared by the Hindi and Hinduism students, was then distributed to all the students and staff of the college. 

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